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Rad-Hard Components

RedCat Devices volatile and non volatile memories are designed specifically to be used in very aggressive environmental conditions. This means aerospace but also terrestrial environment with high temeperature or under mechanical stress. RedCat Devices suite take the best from CMOS selected processes to avoid single event upset coming from high energy ions, protons and, more generally, radiations coming from outside earth environment.

RedCat Devices RC7C SRAM Family has a wide range of rad hard devices spanning from 256Kbit to 4Mbit and from very high TID resistance to basic tolerance to radiations. The core of RC7C SRAM Family devices is the 6T RadTrap memory cell available in three basic formats:

  • RadTrapH SRAM Cell suitable for High Energy Physics
  • RadTrapS SRAM Cell suitable for Space applications
  • RadTrapM SRAM Cell suitable for Basic Radiation Tolerance