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Press Releases

Mar. 2017 RedCat Devices @ Il Caffé Scientifico alla Feltrinelli

Mar. 2017, 16. RedCat Devices presenterà in maniera molto informale gli schemi di finanziamento europei (Horizon2020) con un particolare focus sulla Leadership tecnologica europea. - Read Announcement

Dec. 2016. RedCat Devices @ ICECS2016 IEEE Conference

Dec. 12, 2016 - RedCat Devices attends 23th International Conference on Electronics, Circuits, and Systems (ICECS), Monte Carlo (Monaco) presenting three papers on rad-hard silicon components for space applications. - Read Announcement

128kbit Embedded ReRAM is ready!

In the framework of Horizon2020 R2RAM Project a new memory module has been designed and manufactured. This new module open the door to embedded space applications using resistive memory devices. - Read Announcement

RedCat Devices @ Horizon 2020: i nuovi bandi della tematica Spazio

RedCat Devices will present Horizon2020 R2RAM Project progress at "Horizon 2020: i nuovi bandi della tematica Spazio" in Milano. - Read Announcement

RedCat Devices new office in Palermo

August 1st, 2016 - RedCat Devices opens a new office in Palermo. - Read Announcement

10 years of RedCat Devices

E! EuroSRAM4SPACE approved by Eurostars2

Milano, Jan. 14th 2016. The EUREKA Secretariat has approved EuroSRAM4SPACE Project headed by RedCat Devices. The Project aims at the development of a 16Mbit Multichip Module SRAM for space applications. - Read Announcement

RedCat Devices acquires MAPP Technology

On December 15th, 2015 RedCat Devices has acquired 100% of the shares of MAPP Technology Srl. - Read Announcement

R2RAM @ MEMRISYS2015 Workshop

RedCat Devices will present R2RAM Horizon2020 efforts during an invited talk at MEMRiSYS Workshop in Paphos (Cyprus) on 8-10 November 2015 - Read Announcement

RedCat Devices on Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing Journal

A paper from RedCat Devices has been published on
Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing Journal (Springer)
- Read Announcement

RedCat Devices @ RADECS2015

RedCat Devices will attend RADECS 2015 Conference (Moscow, 14-18 September) presenting a poster on "A Family of Rad-Hard ADC with Flash Architecture" by U. Gatti and C. Calligaro - Read Announcement

RedCat Devices @ STAR-CAS 2015 Workshop

RedCat Devices will attend the STAR-CAS 2015 Workshop (Pavia, 3-5 June 2015) with a talk on "Design of integrated circuits for space applications". - Read Announcement

R2RAM @ Workshop on memristive systems for space applications (April 30)

RedCat Devices will present Horizon 2020 R2RAM Project during the "Workshop on memristive systems for space application" (April, 30th) in ESTEC (Noordwijk, Nederland). - Read Announcement

R2RAM is now on line

R2RAM Horizon 2020 Project is now on line. - Read Announcement

SkyFlash in "Cordis Express: Europe in space"

SkyFlash project has been mentioned in Cordis News ( - Read Announcement

31 December 2014. Horizon2020 R2RAM is ready to start

On January 1st 2015 R2RAM 640073 Project will start. RedCat Devices will be involved in the development of a 1Mbit non volatile memory for space applications using resistive memory cells. - Read Announcement

7 December 2014: Tutorial on "ICs Design Techniques for Space Applications" (ICECS2014)

23 Ottobre 2014. "Componenti Elettronici per lo Spazio" (presso l'Ordine degli Ingegneri di Pavia)

Il giorno 23 Ottobre 2014 dalle 17.30 alle 20.30 presso l'Ordine degli Ingegneri di Pavia (Sala Conferenze) si terrà il seminario "Componenti Elettronici per lo Spazio" - Read Announcement

1 September 2014, RedCat Devices changes address

From September 1st RedCat Devices will move the headquarter to via Moncucco 22 - 20142 Milano (Italy). - Read Announcement

15 August 2014, RedCat Device expands the market to India with Tecnode Solutions Ltd.

Milano (Italy)/Bangalore (India), 15-08-2014. RedCat Devices today announces its newest authorized reseller, Tecnode Solutions (P) Ltd. - Read Announcement