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128kbit Embedded ReRAM is ready!

In the framework of Horizon2020 R2RAM Project a new memory module has been designed and manufactured. This new module open the door to embedded space applications using resistive memory devices.






RC27F1024R2RAME is an 128kbit x1 reprogrammable resistive memory coming directly from the stand-alone device RC27F1024R2RAM1 (1Mbit) and focused on embedded applications. Even if this module is still a prototype including proprietary access to the physical array for testing purposes it opens the door to future embeddable modules to be included in more complex rad-hard ASIC such as core processors, microcontrollers etc...

The possibility to use a reprogrammable NVM inside complex ASICs opens new scenarios in particular in the memory storage framework where SRAM and more traditional Flash memories shows heavy drawbacks in terms of area and resistance against radiation.

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26/10/2016 - Announcements