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RC7C512RHH Rad-hard 512kbit (64kbit x8) SRAM RC7C512RHM Rad-hard 512kbit (64kbit x8) SRAM RC7C1024RHS Rad-hard 1Mbit (128kbit x8) SRAM RC7C4096RHM Rad-hard 4Mbit (512kbit x8) SRAM RC4BFLADC Rad-Hard Analog to Digital Flash Converter Sponsorship torre

Welcome to RedCat Devices!

RedCat Devices (RCD) designs and develops volatile and non volatile semiconductor memories for space applications and nuclear science taking the best from standard CMOS process. Thanks to its proprietary methodologies of Radiation Hardening By Design (RHBD) RCD guarantees ICs resilent to Total Ionizing Dose (TID) and Single Event Effects (SEE).